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To my readers and learners,
I know that you have heard more of me in tutorials but it’s time that i give you an update on which route our website will take now.  First of all, there are three new tutorials lined up and ready for release.  I am just planning the right time, and making sure that everything is perfect.

As you have noticed, we got a new skin and dressed up our skin into the Christmas Spirit.  I hope that everybody enjoys the new look along with some new cool features integrated.  Now you can subscribe to feeds by email, which is very neat if you are the kind of person who doesn’t use RSS feeds as much. The Tutorials are now going through a reformatting where I’ll organize the best and easy way for you guys to access.

The forums, surprisingly, didn’t get so much attention as the blog, which makes me both happy and upset, as I would have loved to hear from many of you with suggestions and even requests.  However, back on subject, I put together the sneak peaks of the soon-to-come tutorial.  If you haven’t subscribed yet for the updates, do so today so that you won’t miss out on the update once it’s published.




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