Merry Christmas!

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My dear readers and learners, since our last release of the iTouch tutorial, I promised many to have the Santa Tutorial ready for release.  Unfortunately, with so much work coming from college, I had no time, and I don’t think I will since a video tutorial takes far more time than any regular tutorial that I write. . I have thought of ways to make it up to you, and what is better than a free give-away.  Using the results of the tutorials that I have made for icons and the itouch, I put together a little document consisting of a three piece icon set.

I hope that you guys will enjoy using this and even though it’s not much, I think that good can come from it.  It’s been a lovely month thanks to you, and I hope to see the same future for the months that are to come.  Remember that the only reason why we are still here is because you bring us the necessary support and motivation.

Some of the things to be discussed as far as the future goes.  I have been thinking about doing a few articles based on Photoshop, maybe expand a little into Photography and even Web Design.  I think that it should target a whole new area of users and maybe even open new doors for you.  The tutorials will continue to be published, I have a few ideas that need to be developed, and I hope that I can carry them out within the week. Also, I am planning to hold a contest, but no details yet.  However, if you would like to see something or do something for a prize then please speak up!  We love hearing suggestions especially from our very own dear readers.

That’s all for tonight folks, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


Grab the document by clicking here!

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