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Today, we will learn in Photoshop how to create a modern-looking poster or in this case, we are making a ticket.  You can use the same guidelines to create a fancy poster for a club invite or just a simple party.


Some of the things that you will need before we get started:

Spray paint brush set

Kanye West On Stage

Jay-z Grammys

Just download all of those, save the images to a folder that you are making the tutorial in, and upload the brush set to the brushes.  Now let’s begin with the basics of actually making our base of the ticket.  You may use mine if you do not want to create your own.


Using your newly-added brushes and a color of #ff4a03, create a little bit of spray dust/paint in the middle.  It would be best if you follow my example:


Repeat the same steps to create a little variety, and sort of a mixture of paint.  It would be best if you use separate layers.  That way, you can touch up or go back without touching the old paint.  Here is the combination of colors that I used:  dd26ce(purple), 0997f9(blue), and ff9d03(orange).  In the end, your results should look somewhere along the lines of this:


Yeah, it looks a little messy, but don’t worry.  We will fix that up in upcoming steps.  Grab your Elliptical Marquee tool and create a variation of small/large circles all around.  It would be a good idea to match them with the colors of the paint/dust.  That way, you get a nice retro feel for it.


Looking a little better, so lets get onto the branding.  Select your Rectangular Marquee Tool and create a white rectangle.  After that, go to Edit – Free Transform and pull it a little down from the left corner or the right.


Now using any font that you would like, create some kind of an announcement or a slogan to tell what the poster respresents.  If you are interested in the font i used, it can be found here


Let’s lighten up our text now a little bit by applying a gradient overlay with the following setting (Note: I used the colors listed above as a mixture):



Go to your custom shapes and select the shape listed below.  This will help us create the ridges.  Once you have that, span it down from the right side of the black area.




Let’s go back to our resources and open up the Kanye West picture, which we will edit right now.  Once you have opened it, go to Edit – Image Adjustments – Desaturate and following, go again to Edit – Image Adjustments – Threshold and make the level 50.  Transfer it over to your document, and put it underneath the white rectangle layer.


And let’s apply this gradient overlay on the Kanye West layer:




Now take out the Jay-Z Grammy picture, and apply the same threshold effect on it.  After that, duplicate and span it across the black column.  Drop the opacity to 50% and add some text along the side.


There you have it!  Once again, I truly apologize for long weeks of without update.  All the errors are now fixed and we are back on track.

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