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I was really fond of the Web 2.0 search table that they had on Health Pages before they updated their web design.  It was very similar to the Web 2.0 table that will be making today, so the credit goes to HealthPages.  What’s good is that it shows the common trend of Web 2.0, and a lot of people are trying to accomplish that, so why not throw a Photoshop web design tutorial out there!


Let’s begin by creating a background.  You may use mine or create your own.


Begin by creating the base of the table.  Use your Rounded Shape Tool with an 8px radius, and a background of #a22727.


Duplicate the layer, and set the color to white. Rasterize the shape, and using your Eraser Tool with the size of 100px, fade out everything but the tip.  It should create a nice-looking gradient.  Set it to overlay, and here it is:news-feed-table-photoshop-image-4

The glare will work well here, so grab your rounded shape rectangle and create an inner rectangle inside right up to the middle of your newly-created gradient from the first step.  Go to Edit Transform, and Skew it from left hand side and right hand side.  Drop the opacity 32% and overlay it.


We need to name our feed box.  Recent or Latest Releases both work.  Throw that on, and add a drop shadow effect that is listed below:



Our base is prepped and ready now.  We will now begin to work on the content holder, so take out your Round Shape Rectangle with the same settings, except with a white background.  Throw it on somewhere in the middle and paste a drop shadow layer style on it listed below:



In this, we will create the tabs for the selection of feeds.  I used white for the selected tab and yellow for the available options.  Using your rounded shape rectangle, create three shapes on top of your content holder, and cut off the round edges to connect them all together.  Make sure that the end tips both from left and right are not cut.


Apply a gradient overlay on your white tab:


Time to add some dummy text! In the content place holder, it’s usually used to make the title nice and large.  I used Arial Black size 14px with the color of #7d7d7d.  In my context area, I actually used Arial 12px with 75% of the #7d7d7d color.


Label the little tabs now.  Mine go Tech News | Apple Feed | Tutorials.  For Tech News, I used a darkish grey color (#454545), and for the two other yellow tabs, I used cf6100.  Also, after you are done labeling, apply the following effect to your text:



We need to implement a feature so that the user can move around between the articles, so grab your round shape rectangle, set the color to white, and apply the following layer styles.  After, place PREVIOUS in Arial Black size 11px.





Duplicate all the steps, or just the layers, to create a next button as well!  Now let’s create a small editing interface for our users.  Grab your round-shaped rectangle, set the color to black, and overlay it with 50%.  Make three buttons underneath the content holder.


Throw in some features like Zoom | Edit | Delete.  The text of the color should be white under an overlay and 47% opacity.  I used Arial Black size 14px.  After you have added the text, you are done pretty much.


I hope that this tutorial will come in handy for your designs!  Thank you for reading.

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